Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Update Since IMTX

Well it has been a while since I wrote on this this blog. Life has been busy and training has been almost non-existent since IMTX in May.

I started a new Real Estate business in May and that has been consuming alot of my time and focus. I also was and am still pretty burned out from IMTX on the whole training side of things.

I raced a couple of weekends ago and it did not go so well as expected since I have not been training and definitely have not been focused on threshold training most of the year.

New Challenges is what I am looking for.

I am planning on doing P90X starting next week and do that with 2-3 Bikes and runs each week. One long run to help get me prepared for Spartan Race beast happing in December.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

IMTX Photos

Below are my photos from IMTX:

Monday, May 21, 2012

Ironman Texas 2012 - Race Report

Nutrition Breakdown

3.5hrs prior to race start. 4 cups of apple sauce, 2 scoops of First Endurance Ultragen  and some added salt.
Then had a bottle of water with a GU Electrolyte Brew tablet while in transition and about 100 calories of First Endurance Liquid Shot.

Cup of water coming out of the swim.

1st 3hrs on bike:
1 bottle of water every 3omin and 300calories of First Endurance EFS with added salt every hour.

2nd 3hrs on bike:
I used on course nutrition (Ironman Perform) because hot liquid nutrition is not good and I supplemented that with 300 calories of solid foods (2 servings of gu chomps and 1 honey stinger waffle). So, at minimum 1 bottle of ironman perform an hour plus one of the solids above and at least 1 bottle of water. This equated to 275calories an hour or so. I would have added salt to this but my extra salt was left in my bag.  This lack of salt caused some cramping for the end of the bike and throughout the whole run. I got creative during the run to make due.

The Run:

I went out to get ironman perform 2 out of every 3 aid stations and supplement that with 100 calories of clif blocks and drank water at every aid station no matter what and most of the time two glasses. I went with margarita clif blocks as they have the most sodium. Knowing I was way behind on sodium heading onto the run I asked several people in the change tent and no one had any they would give up. So, at the first aid station they had pickles so I poured pickle juice into a cup and drank it.  At two points during the race I found salt tabs in zip lock bags on the ground that had been dropped and I picked them up and used them.  Maybe gross but may have saved my race.

Things to keep body temp down during the run. Used sponges at every aid station on my head and at least 4 times poured ice down my pants.  This may sound weird but does wonders for cooling you off.

The Race

It was by far the roughest swim I have ever done with a ton of contact from start to finish. I decided to wear a wetsuit and that was by far a great decision with how rough the swim got to be. It was a terrible decision for the huge chaffing/rash I got under both of my arms and on the back of my neck that bothered me all day. I went out to go sub 1:20 for the swim. 

Final Time 1:17 

 Well from the very beginning of the bike my ability to push power or my power meter was off big time compared to both heart rate and perceived effort. So, I ignored power for the most part and just raced by heart rate. The best part about this is I was going faster with less power.  At mile 50 tendonitis in my knee struck and stayed with me throughout the entire race. At this point I knew I could bike through the pain but running was going to be terrible. Then at mile 70 or so to go with the tendonitis and the head wind one of my little toes I thought was going to fall off. It was killing me to put out pressure so I had to change my pedal stoke frequently to do my best to relieve pain. I had to make sure I kept my cadence lower so that I put less pressure on it. Now, I am extremely upset and wondering if I am even going to finish this thing. I have never ran over 15 miles in training and trying to do a marathon with a hurt knee and a hurt foot was not looking like a possibility. I of course persevered as I was making good time on the bike and close to 1mph over what I was guessing I would be at for the day.

I stopped twice on the bike once to pee as I could not do it on the bike and once to make sure my athlete tracker was working.
A special thanks to my buddy Eric who saw me several times on the back half of the bike and that really helped me get through the tough times.

Final Time 5:57 18.83mph

Well my goal on the run was to walk through aid stations and run between.  Making sure I got all the nutrition I could and wanted to get in. Once I started running my knee was still hurting me so not good. Good thing was the pain in my toes was not. But I did have a lingering cramp warning the whole run in my hamstrings.

Like the bike I used heart rate for the run and ran as fast as my heart rate would let me.  My first of 3 laps I think I pushed a little much but ran really well 8:48pace. The second lap felt like the hottest lap of the run and I was really struggling mentally and physically. I told myself I would keep the plan of running between aid stations at least through the 2nd lap and see where I am at. I saw my family (wife, son and parents) near the end of the second lap and that made a huge difference for the next couple of miles. Then right before the start of lap 3 I ran up on Jeremy and that helped me a ton as I had someone to run with for a good portion of that last lap. Then when Jeremy fell off dealing with stomach issues I knew I had a chance at going sub 12hrs and with that I picked up the pace. I at this point knew I did not really have to pay attention to HR any longer and just run. I still took my time at aid stations but my pace was anywhere from high 7’s to low 9’s at this point and I felt good. I was ready to be done. Those last couple of miles like on the bike felt like time was going the wrong way but I got through it and again beat my goal run time of 4:30 marathon. I could not believe that was even possible with the issues I was having but I showed more mental toughness in this race than I even knew I had. I think I learned something about myself during this race that I could not have learned doing anything else.  I used to think that I was mentally weak but now I know that is not true.

Final Run Time 4:21 9:57/mile

Total Time 11:49:32

Final Thoughts:
This was by far the hardest thing I have ever done and I learned a lot about myself while doing it. I am stoked I broke my 12 hour goal in my first ironman with the training load that I had, but I have no desire to ever race ironman again.  The race nor the training was fun. I enjoyed the camaraderie of ironman, the finish line and being able to point at the clock as it was under 12 hours but nothing that will bring me back to this race.

Things I noticed:
Most athletes had no idea about nutrition or did not pay attention to their nutrition plan.
A lot of athletes could not handle the temperature.
Lastly, most athletes bike too hard. You look at the results and I gained over 200 spots in the overall ranking on the run. So, that tells me 200 people that were ahead of me going onto the run probably biked to hard. I would say after looking at results 1/3 to ½ of the competition bike too hard to run well off the bike.
If anyone has specific questions or comments let me know:

Monday, April 23, 2012

2nd to Last Big Weekend until IMTX

Another big week and weekend are in the books.

Another 100+ mile course ride, 2.4mile open water swim and 17 miles of running for the weekend along.

It is the Monday after and I feel pretty good considering the work load.  I am definitely feeling more fit now than I ever have in my entire life and I am down to my race weight goal of 155 lbs as of this morning.  I hope to lose a bit more before race day but I hit my number and hope to not gain when the taper starts.

Confidence is growing with every mile and this coming weekend should be the culmination of that and where I work on my final race pacing thoughts.

Doing another 100+ on the bike with a decent size brick run on Saturday then a long 14-16mile run on Sunday.

The week of training though is low volume to try to get fully recovered before the weekend.

All for now.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Biggest Training Week and Weekend of My Life

Today is Monday after I completed the biggest training week of my life and to be honest I feel terrific.  I am not really even sore and I am a bit confused.

This week was 5hrs more volume than my avg for 2012 and 8hrs more than my avg for 2011. I have to give props to First Endurance and their products who fueled me through my long workouts using a combo of EFS and EFS Liquid Shot and helped me recover using Ultragen. This was my first week on the combination and a lot of how I am feeling I have to attribute to that.

Also a large thanks needs to go out to my wife and mom (who takes care of my son during the day) who both have sacrificed to allow me to get this training volume in.

I have another similar volume week this week with a bit more swimming and running and a bit less biking.

Break down of my nutrition below:
Bike Ride Per Hour
2 Servings of EFS and 1 Serving of EFS Liquid Shot (mixed with water in a sports bottle).
Total of 300 calories, 75g of carbs, 700mg sodium (I added some thermotabs to get me to 1000mg)
1 Bottle of water per hour on top of the liquid above.

Run Per Hour
2 Servings of Liquid Shot for the second hour of the run.
Total of 200 calories, 50g of carbs, 200mg sodium

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Big Week Update

Well it is now Wednesday and I am close to 50% through my biggest training week of my life.  Not huge by triathlete standards but big per my norms.

I have already had three curve balls thrown my way when attempting my swim workouts this week.  First being that I had to move a swim because my wife is on call and my normal Tuesday/Thursday was not going to work.  No problem I am now swimming Tuesday/Wednesday this week. Base hit off that curve ball no problem.

The second curve ball came when my son decided to wake up at 5am on Tuesday morning as I was about to walk out the door to do my swim.  I took an extra 15min to help take care of him so my wife can get some of her morning stuff together before I got out of the door. Instead of an hour swim it was 45min. Not bad.

The 3rd curve ball came this morning when again my son decides to wake up at 5am.  This time though my wife is on call tonight so I spent 30min trying to take care of him so she could sleep a little bit longer.  She is great though and took over so I could scamper off to the pool.  Very constrained on time I decided just to get in and swim 1500 yds without stopping to make the most of my time.  Out in under 30minutes and off to work.  So, a planned two hours of swimming has become 1.25hrs but oh well I am rolling with the punches in this large volume week.

Tonight I have a bike ride and we will see what curve ball come flying my way.

Monday, April 2, 2012

IMTX Update

Well I have been plugging along.  Had another 10+ hr training week last week thanks to my Saturday 1.5hr run and my Sunday 4+ hr solo bike ride and 20min brick run.

I have to say that I do not enjoy solo training for Ironman.  Being by myself on the bike for 4hrs was both mentally and physically challenging.  I really think my limit is 3hrs before it really starts to go downhill.

I have managed to average over 8.3hrs a week so far in 2012, which is not great but considering 2011 was 5.3hrs a week I am doing pretty well.  I am also pretty healthy so things are looking good. I have 4 more hard weeks of training to put in before the big day and this week is my biggest to date with 15 hrs of training scheduled (2 swims, 4bikes, 5runs (2 are short bricks)).

I am curious to see how I feel next week with this kind of volume but I am also excited about the opportunity to post this volume.